Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pug in the Park April 2010

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Hi every one,

Over the weekend me and gav had the pleasure of little "or not so little" Turbo, we collected him on saturday and when we got home we let him loose in the gardon, which he loved as it was all new and like a mini adventure "bless him". then later on that everning we took him for a nice long walk around the fields of Ashingdon, he met some nice doggies and some (not) so nice doggies on his travels....
here is a mini vid of him running upto me while we were walking throught on of the fields (btw the barkign is not him, its the other nice doggies saying hello) lol lol

Then on sunday we took turbo to a Pug meetup in Southend-On-Sea, he really enjoyed him self bless him, i dont think he has ever seen so many puggies in his life hehe
he's looking forward to next months meet i can just tell but his lill face lol lol
here is a short vid of him at his puggie meet, unfortunatly he just walks off, when the camera is on him...

and thats about it for now :)
x x

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day (aka wednesday)

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Hi Bloggers,

So its now Wednesday and i can almost taste the weekend its getting so close lol
Iv got some good and some bad news today, first the bad (might as well get it over with) Im going to my mother's tomorrow after work and i can tell you all now its not normally a nice experience, im dreading it if im honest but i have to see her at leats once a month so best i get it out of the way now.
But on the up side i get to see my BELOVED Puggie Turbo.... i bet he has missed me, i know i have missed him sooo much i wish i could have him stay with me permanently but i cant until i get my own pad :( i will make sure i take him to the BIG Park (he loves it there) and ill take lots of piccys of my chunky lill guy so i can up date his page :)

You know the old saying "where there is bad news there normally follows GOOD news" :)

Ollie was an absolute angel last night, he hardly kicked me at all, its my fault i didn't sleep to well, silly bump was getting right in my way so i was tossing and turning over in bed like a "crazy women" all night.... :( (best i get used to sleepless night now i guess) hehe

i Awoke to the birds out side chirping away singing in the sunrise was like a Bright Summers Day which put a big smile on my face as i LOVE the summer time :)

Miss Lucky

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Post

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Hay every one,

Wow this is so odd, but i thought id give it ago.
Little hubby was at home all day yesterday bless him, he was a proper house husband did all the cooking (he does normally do the cooking so Doh no change there), he done all the ironing and there was a small "mount Everest" to be done, and our room is in tippy top condition now to, so he was glad when i came home at 6.45pm and chucked all my stuff on the bed (oopsie).
Today has been an ok day really, had my morning cuppa and then traveled into work
(fortunately for me there was hardly any traffic today) i was mostly surprised hehe
Work has gone really quite quick considering its a Tuesday and they normaly drag sooo badly but its Zoomed past "like a jet fighter on mission X" hehe

Ollie has been pretty good today to, he does a few kicks and somersaults now and then but he has been very well behaved today, that mus mean that tonight im going to have "baby river dance" going on in my tummy... yay i cant wait "least i dont have to pay for tickets"

That's my summery of today so far, i will fill you in with some interesting stuff soon i promise you :)

Miss Lucky

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