Turbo (Pug Dog)

Hi Fellow Bloggers,
Here are a few images of my absolutely mental fat fury pug dog Turbo.
He is currently 3 (ish) years old and i know "slightly" over weight but that just makes him so much more cuddly and lovable in my eyes (gushing with cuteness).

Ok be kind i know pugs are not every ones idea of the perfect pet:

 This was Turbo last summer at my mum's playing about in the garden (by playing about i mean watching me running about like a loony and looking slightly confused as to what im actually doing)

Turbo taking "yet another" nap on my bed, this is his fave place to nap (well one of, his other faves are, on the sofa, on the landing, any where there is sunlight) he loves to sunbathe...

Here he is my fury little friend sitting by the pond last summer, we had just been on a long puggie walk and he was just chilling out bless him, he slept pretty well that evening :)
Here is Turbo (Aug 09) sitting proudly under a Rolls Royce at a classic car show we took him to, he was getting some shade as it was silly hot that day an wee man (turbo) does not enjoy being to hot.... Don't he just look a picture though Awrrrr... :)

Many more pics of the "fury one" to come so keep your eyes peeled...

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